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Unrivaled Medicine God

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Chapter 2603: Limit State! possible natural
This sort of challenger was precisely what Ye Yuan longed for!
Despite the fact that Ye Yuan’s Universe Sword Development acquired no weakness to make use of, beneath this specific strong strike, Ye Yuan’s innards were definitely injured!
His World Sword Development was challenged by a powerhouse of the same ranking initially!
But who recognized that Ye Yuan was all the more paradise-defying than Changsun Xingyu!
Di Xing reported, “This son was also hasty! Who one of many Area of Exile’s top notch powerhouses aren’t lavish completion Smaller Sublime Perfect Stratum? This person got to concern while using space associated with a modest cultivation realm it’s really courting dying!”
Within Changsun Xingyu’s frenzied suppression, each mobile in Ye Yuan’s entire body was stimulated.
Changsun Xingyu was indeed deserving of remaining Resplendent Sunshine City’s primary human being, each of his shifts was more powerful compared to past!
… …
Would you have expected that Ye Yuan was much more freakish, to completely fuse spatial principle and Structure Dao guideline into Sword Dao!
Recently, he experienced the purpose of humiliating Ye Yuan. So it looked alarming, in fact, he failed to use his whole strength.
Therefore, he could only break up thru!
Galactic Dark Net
It was just that that mirror picture was deceased.
“This … How is this feasible? Spatial rule, just comprehending it really is already almost impossible, he is able to basically … fuse it into Sword Dao?”
From the very same world, there were clearly hardly any people that could fuse a few wonderful strength of regulations the same as him!
What I’ll only unleash one saber minimize!
Ye Yuan’s trump cards was actually formidable until it gifted persons chills.
Looking at it now, it was really a joke!
“Brat, why do you become a mute? Weren’t you quite conceited just now? Not abandoning me an intact corpse, with only the loves individuals?” Changsun Xingyu laughed wildly because he reported.
Though the finalized outcome could not really altered.
What I’ll give you an undamaged corpse!
Everyday life and loss of life were definitely governed by him.
Changsun Xingyu fusing existence and dying regulations into his saber purpose was already one-in-a-mil.
With courses mastered in the recent, the powerhouses of Resplendent Sunshine City very long already warded off far, scared for being damaged.
Seeing this arena, He Yunxiang could not assistance trembling his mind and sighing since he reported, “Thats a disgrace! If Ye Yuan could arrive at huge completion Smaller Sublime Divine Stratum, Changsun Xingyu would certainly be defeated! This gap of an modest farming realm is fatal!”
However, Changsun Xingyu would not give Ye Yuan any opportunity.
He had been a angry person. Refining supplements was like so, growing the martial course was the same.
Both the people came up and moved, each blow was astonis.h.i.+ng.
The initial few saber slices, Ye Yuan could still barely have the ability to hold out.
… …

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